CorrVerter® Rust Primer

CorrVerter® is a water-based primer recommended for application to rusty or poorly prepared steel surfaces where further corrosion protection is required and good surface preparation is difficult to achieve. CorrVerter® is formulated to penetrate rust, eliminate rust, penetrate to the bare metal, and stop further rusting.CorrVerter® contains a novel chemical chelating agent that modifies the surface rust into a hydrophobic passive layer. CorrVerter® combines the above mentioned chelating agent with a high solids waterborne latex with extremely low water vapor permeability. The combination of the active chelating agent with a film-forming latex, thickeners and dispersant offers a unique formulation for a primer with excellent protection against re-rusting.

The combination of CorrVerter® and VpCI®-396 provides the best immersion coating for submersion in water, salt water, hydro carbons and high salinity water.

Application: Outdoor storage, aircraft, elevators, storage tanks, vehicles, pumps, cargo holds, marine equipment.
CorrVerter is available in 5 gallon (19 liter) plastic containers. Keep product from freezing. The shelf life of the coating is one year.
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