NEWS ALERT: Cortec® High Performance VCI Water-Based Coatings Article Published in Strategic Asia Pacific Coatings Journal!

FEATURED IN: High Performance Water-Based Coating Enhanced with Nano Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors Featured in APCJ Magazine!

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FEATURED IN: Extra Vapor Protection Added to Corrosion-Inhibiting Coating Featured in Materials Performance Magazine!

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CASE HISTORY : Preservation of Electrical Power Line Pier

TECHNICAL PAPER: High-Performance Water-Based Coating Enhanced with Nano-Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors

TECHNICAL PAPER: Using a Float Coat for Preservation of Large-Volume Storage Systems

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FEATURED INExtra Vapor Protection Added to Corrosion-Inhibiting Coating Featured in Materials Performance Magazine! 

TECHNICAL PAPER: High Performance Water Based Coating Enhanced with Nano Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors